Dynam’s platform powered expert services makes sensor data “smarter” with actionable analytic results up to 65% faster requiring far less data regardless of use case complexity.  Our solutions take machine learning to the next level solving the challenges with machine learning to incorporate logic and reasoning for decision intelligence.

Our Solutions Include AI For:

Expert Data Scientists & Software Engineers

Domain expertise across the industrial and medical sectors.

In-House Platform

Up to 65% Faster

Automation of data scientist and engineering workflow is key
to prototype development
and productization
with Fewer Resources


Context-Augmented Machine Learning (CAML)

Instead of data, our contextual models train AI models so
less data is required

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Our Engagement Process

Success Stories and Use Cases

“We’re excited to partner with an innovator like Dynam.AI. Dynam.AI brings logic and reasoning to AI solution development in order to improve decision-making accuracy—and we bring in the people, process, and technology to solve their customers’ data problems.” – Kurt Mueller, vice president of sales at CloudFactory.

Meet The Leadership Team

Our data science and engineering team consists of specialists in advanced data science and physics; uniquely qualified to solve complex and unique challenges. We partner with our clients to develop artificial intelligence solutions to automate business processes.

Diana Shapiro

Board Member & CEO

CEO at Dynam.AI

Dimitry Fisher

Chief Scientific Officer

Mike Luther

Chief Financial Officer

Craig Parfitt

Chief Technology Officer