“Smarter” Industries

The industrial sector is under extreme pressure to increase efficiency and productivity while reducing costs.  We help automate analytics from image and sensor data for actionable recommendations

How do we make industrial manufacturing “smarter”?

Huge amounts of critical data is collected daily by cameras and sensors.

We tailor an AI solution to transform your sensor data into “smart” actionable results for faster and more accurate critical decisions and better business outcomes.

Our Solutions Get Smart Over Time

Success Stories & Use Cases

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Optimize Network Performance

Communications Network

Predictive Optimization & Higher Accuracy

Energy Solar Panels

Game Product Design Optimization

Manufacturing Digital Games

Improve Prediction & Alert Accuracy

Manufacturing Medical Device

Optimization of Device Performance

Manufacturing Medical Device

Automation of Prescriptive Maintenance

Manufacturing Robotics

Improve Prediction & Alert Accuracy

Robotics Software

Realtime PPE Compliance Monitoring & Alerts

Manufacturing Workplace Safety

Industrial Output Optimization

Mining Metals

Dynamic Product Recommender

Retail Sports Equipment