Alpha Development Partners will get a free trial subscription in exchange for providing valuable feedback that will help refine the revolutionary AI/ML development platform ahead of a beta launch in September. 

San Diego, Calif. (July 26, 2022) – Dynam.AI, an artificial intelligence (AI) software development firm best known for patented approaches to develop AI for the real world, is seeking Alpha Development Partners for the company’s flagship subscription AI development and model training platform. For a limited time, Alpha Development Partners will get a free trial in exchange for feedback that will help refine its interface ahead of a beta launch in September. 

The software, which is now available only in a limited commercial release format, is a fully customizable, end-to-end, scalable SaaS platform for AI/ML development and model training. It features automated workflow, intuitive deployment framework, easy-to-navigate drag & drop functionality, pro-code environment and pre-developed algorithmic libraries. It allows data scientists, engineers and research and development (R&D) specialists to collaborate in a meaningful and effective way to solve data problems through modular Python blocks. 

Platform users also have access to a variety of previously incompatible tools in one integrated space, and can access patent-pending Context-Augmented Machine Learning (CAML) from Dynam.AI, which also offers professional AI/ML development services. CAML adds physical and scientific rules for model context, both of which are crucial for building models that quickly adapt to real-world situations. 

A number of enterprise customers have used the software to accelerate their deployment and significantly cut down on their resource requirements. Many have reduced their development time by up to 65%. 

“For smart data science teams and DIY developers, for engineers and R&D specialists, the software is a revolutionary AI/ML development and model training program,” said Craig Parfitt, Chief Technology Officer of Dynam.AI. “The bottom line is, the platform makes it fast and easy to train your AI models with less data and less busywork. You can integrate it with your favorite applications in your existing technology stack and customize as you need it.” 

“AI is hard to build, and often breaks in the real world when it meets new situations,” said Diana Shapiro, CEO of Dynam.AI. “Users have an array of tools at their fingertips that can help them get the most value out of their data, and develop models that actually work on a faster timeline. We look forward to working with a number of Alpha Development Partners in order to bring the software to a wider audience of enterprise developers later this year. And if you’ve got a ‘cold case’ AI business project that’s at a standstill, partner with Dynam.AI to solve your stubborn model training problems and bring it to fruition.” 

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Dynam.AI is a team of scientists and ML engineers committed to helping customers solve critical business problems by developing cutting-edge AI for the real world. The Dynam.AI software platform allows data science teams to apply patented Context-Augmented Machine Learning technologies to tackle challenges of science, nature, physics, and behavior, and solve challenging “cold cases.” For teams needing expert services and external data science resources, Dynam.AI has advanced engineering and data science expertise to deliver a solution with the highest level of accuracy. Please visit or email [email protected] .

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