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Working with Dynam.AI

The Process


Use Case Identification

Know how your data can be applied to AI, ML, Computer Vision, and data science applications.


Data Feasibility Analysis

Data Scientists analyze KPIs with available data sets to determine their state and usability for successfully achieving results.


Data Preparation

Data cleanup, labeling, augmentation, embedding, and pre-filtering to create a feasibility project roadmap.


Algorithm Development

Data Scientists develop algorithms and train those models to replicate cognitive thought processes and methodologies.


Model Training

Data Scientists develop algorithms and train those models with access to the Context-Augmented Machine Learning guided neural networks for machine learning.


Model Deployment & Solution Integration

Following training AI/ML models are deployed into the business to analyze data via APIs, front-end interfaces, and packaging.


Launch & Service

Your application needs the proper hosting environment for deployment and a plan for continued support and maintenance.

Let’s Solve It Together

Demo Overview Details

Explore Goals

Determine the features and capabilities of your use case, and determine the scope of a development project.

Dynam.AI Capabilities

Learn about the people and partners that help us solve data science problems in the real world, and what makes us unique.

Context-Augmented Machine Learning

Learn how this powerful model enrichment and learning acceleration tool can solve problems of physics, nature, and behavior.

Dynam.AI Transforms AI for FinTech

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Dynam.AI Transforms AI for FinTech

August 22, 2022