Current Partners

Our work is constantly elevated and refined through work with our strategic partners. We are privileged to work with a number of impactful organizations.

American Robotics

A commercial developer of fully automated drone systems, providing ultra-high resolution aerial data to enterprise customers. Through innovations in robot autonomy, machine vision, edge computing, and AI, American Robotics has created the next generation of drone technology.

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Analytics Ventures

Analytics Ventures (AV) is a venture studio fund dedicated to the inception of new ventures harnessing innovations in Artificial Intelligence. We believe that Artificial Intelligence is still in the early stages of its maturity cycle, and as such, the biggest value in the field continues to come from entrepreneurs, researchers, and early-stage investors.

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Marketware International

Marketware International has developed high performance software solutions for the financial community since 1995. Headquartered in the United States, Marketware services some of the largest banks and brokers in North America and abroad. Marketware is well recognized globally for its webBroker retail trading platform and Wealth Management solutions. Marketware focuses on business and technology to help clients create value for their stakeholders.

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Ondas Holdings (NASDAQ: ONDS)

Ondas Holdings is a publicly-traded holding company for subsidiaries Ondas Networks, a developer of private licensed wireless data networks for mission-critical industrial markets. The Company designs and manufactures its multi-patented, Software Defined Radio (SDR) platform for Mission Critical IoT (MC-IoT) applications and American Robotics.

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Benefits of Partnering With Us

Why Dynam.AI is the Ideal Strategic Partner

Pro-Data Scientist

Dynam.AI uses Vizlab™, our proprietary, fully customizable, end-to-end platform built for data scientists by data scientists, so they can work in a structured, repeatable deployment environment. Vizlab™ is revolutionizing artificial intelligence and machine learning development while also reducing costs and improving consistency and scalability for Dynam.AI customers.

AI Intelligence, Human Intuition

Dynam.AI strategic partners have access to our patent-pending Context-Augmented Machine Learning, which introduces the laws of nature and human behavior to machine learning. Developed by our chief scientists, Context-Augmented Machine Learning uses the laws of nature, intuition and common sense to better train predictive machine learning models.

Deep Experience

Dynam.AI has a world-class team of data scientists, researchers, and developers with more than 100 years of combined expertise. As experts in physics, statistics, information systems, and computer science, we have developed a better, faster way to build physics-guided machine learning models.

Faster Deployment

Our partners are using Dynam.AI’s solutions to deploy their AI applications up to 6 times faster while reducing the need for standard resources, all by cutting down on overhead and building better models the first time.

Build Smarter AI Solutions

Work With Dynam.AI

We work with businesses of every size to improve machine learning design. Let’s talk about how we can develop the next breakthrough innovation together.

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Dynam.AI Announces the Limited Commercial Release of Vizlab™ 1.0A, a NextGen AI & Machine Learning Development Platform for Data Scientists 

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Dynam.AI Announces the Limited Commercial Release of Vizlab™ 1.0A, a NextGen AI & Machine Learning Development Platform for Data Scientists 

May 16, 2022