Company History

Launched in 2019 by Analytics Ventures, an artificial intelligence-focused portfolio of companies, Dynam.AI aims to streamline and enable the AI components of a company’s acceleration strategy.


Dynam.AI is founded and begins Research and Development into its patented area of Context-Augmented Machine Learning to incorporate first principles, and a variety of internal and external models, to enrich the model training and development process.


Dynam.AI launches its professional services division, partnering with Fortune 500 companies on a number of AI applications using its patent-pending Context-Augmented Machine Learning.


Dynam.AI’s professional services division hones its focus on support for computer vision and machine learning and drafts a proof of concept for proprietary AI development software.


Our proprietary software launches internally for use with tech-enabled professional services clients. Dynam.AI establishes partnerships with American Robotics and Ondas Holdings, Inc.


Dynam.AI announces the limited commercial release of its enterprise AI software for data scientists to use independently and begins accepting trial users to become early adopters of the platform. The company also establishes a partnership with Marketware International, Inc.

What We Stand For

Artificial Intelligence With Common Sense

Why Dynam.AI?

Our software platform makes enterprise AI development intuitive and hassle-free. Dynam.AI clients can also access our patent-pending Context-Augmented Machine Learning, which introduces the laws of nature and behavior to machine learning. Backed by advice and support from our talented ML engineers, we are here to ensure your success whether you want advice and services or want to solve it yourself.

Mission and Vision

We are on a mission to help every organization harness the power of data science to unlock new value. Our focus is on developing a diverse community of problem-solvers that are eliminating the divide between models and the real world to create positive impacts on health, efficiency, safety, engagement, and innovation. We work with customers at any stage of their AI journey to find the right use cases and bring it to life.

Our Values


We go the extra mile for our customers because we understand these features are critical for differentiation and success.

AI with ROI

We want to go beyond cool algorithms to achieving KPIs and real value. We do this by developing a better visual platform for data scientists to implement end-to-end development.


We work to always demonstrate the highest level of honesty and hard work to meet and exceed expectations.


Industry and technology never stop changing, and neither do we. Through constant learning, research, and development, we work to push the cutting edge of data science.

Board of Directors

  • Andreas Roell
    Board Member & Managing Partner at Analytics Ventures
  • Diana Shapiro
    Board Member & CEO at Dynam.AI
  • Navid Alipour
    Board Chairman & Managing Partner at Analytics Ventures
  • Eric Brock
    Board Member & CEO at Ondas Holdings

Executive Team

  • Diana Shapiro
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Dimitry Fisher
    Chief Scientific Officer
  • Mike Luther
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Craig Parfitt
    Chief Technology Officer

Legal Team

  • Ethan Christensen
    Corporate Attorney at Incptiv
  • Nicholas Transier
    IP Attorney at Dinsmore

Advisory Board

  • Dale Brown
    Former President of Medimpact
  • Daniel Schumann
    VP of Electromechanical & Instrumentation at Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD)
  • Ashish Jain
    CTO & Founder at Tailorbird & ItsMyInfo. (Former GE Ventures)
  • Kiva Allgood
    CEO at Sarcos Robotics
  • Juergen Stark
    Chief Executive Officer & Chairman at Turtle Beach
  • Lawrence Hershfield
    Chief Executive Officer at Ranch Capital, LLC
  • Josh Jacobson
    Interim Former CTO at Dynam.AI

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Dynam.AI Transforms AI for FinTech

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Dynam.AI Transforms AI for FinTech

August 22, 2022