Build AI Solutions that Automate Critical Decisions to Improve Business Outcomes

Our novel data science methods and in-house platform empower us to complete projects up to 65% faster, more accurately, and with less data  — for higher ROI

“Dynam’s data science team of physicists have us well-positioned in the coming months to pioneer a suite of predictive analytics from drone-acquired image/video data for our clients.” – Reese Mozer, Founder and CEO, American Robotics

We Make AI More Robust

Our solutions make your sensor data “smart” requiring far less data regardless of use case complexity for faster and more accurate decisions.

Automate diagnostics & repair process to maximize efficiency and meet operational targets.

Create new revenue streams and business models that allow them to stay competitive.

Optimize production & supply chain processes to reduce downtime.

Our next-gen AI approach to Decision Intelligence goes beyond traditional AI/Machine Learning approaches. We make manufacturing image and sensor data “smart” for faster and more accurate decisions

To deal with unprecedented levels of business complexity and uncertainty, organizations must make accurate and highly contextualized decisions more quickly.

Expert AI Development Services

Leverage the Power of AI

We partner with innovative companies who rely on image and sensor data for critical decisions and insightful analytics looking to differentiate in their industry with cutting edge AI solutions for decision automation.  

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